How to Enable debugging mode on android devices.

How to Enable debugging mode on android devices.

There are times when we need to enable debuging mode on our android device such as in times of android software development or times when some software on PC wanted to interact with our Android devices.

To enable debugging mode on mobile follow below steps.

Starting with Android 4.2, developer options are hidden by default. Use the following steps:

  1. Enable the developer option if you are not able to see the developer option under setting >> system >> advanced >> developer option
  2. Enable developer option by going to setting >> about >> build number. Tab 7 times to build number will enable to developer option.
  3. Now, developer option will be enabled. Go back to setting >> system >> advanced >> developer option and enable debugging option as shown below.
Debugging option on android

Tip: You can also enable the Stay awake option to prevent your Android device from sleeping while connected to a USB port.

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